COVID-19 Relief

Trans Solutions' mission is to bring global-appropriate empowerment, through a distribution of services, via online and networked resources.


In partnership with Destination Tomorrow’s COVID-19 Rapid Response funding, we will be able to advance more funding in response to the overwhelming request from TGNC communities of color. Destination Tomorrow’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund is made possible through the TRANScend Community Impact Fund (supported by Gilead Science) and the H.van Ameringen Foundation.

The DT COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund which will be used to address the emergency and long term needs due to this global pandemic, particularly around how emergency funds will be distributed. The funds focus will be around the most vulnerable within TGNC communities, those who participate in sex work, are hourly workers or contractual.  Request for assistance with rent payments, utilities, food shortages and transportation are among the things this funding will be used to assist community members. Please complete the form below to be considered, funds are limited and dispersed on a first come/first serve basis. Please only submit one application per person.

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COVID-19 Rapid Response
Are you disabled or HIV Positive?
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